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How do I link my system to the Hive?

You need to create a bizzfo account before you can link your relevant bizzfo software to the Hive. Creating an account can be done by either visiting the online portal or directly via your bizzfo software. Once your account is created add data warehouses as required via the Hive online portal. 

See this video to link your data-warehouse

How do I sync or backup my data with the Hive?

Will my data automatically sync with the Hive?

Yes. But only once you have linked your software to the Hive. The relevant data will be uploaded when changed.


How do I process casual wages without creating staff members on the system?


How do I pay for my subscription? 

This can be done either via your software by means of credit card or direct EFT. 

Or by depositing the subscription amount directly into our bank account.

Sign in to account after subscription has expired


How to update to the latest version of the software?

Bizzfo bank account details

Account Holder: Bizzfo PTY LTD

Bank: FNB 

Account No: 62693911937

Account Type: Cheque

For reference, use your company name or email (info bizzfo). For proof of payment please send to